Lawrence Schools Foundation Awards 63 Scholarships Worth More Than $58,000 To Seniors

May 10, 2018

More than $58,000 in scholarships managed by the Lawrence Schools Foundation were awarded to seniors at Free State and Lawrence High School this month. In all, 63 scholarships were claimed by students, who will use the money to purse education past high school. Scholarships range from $500 to a $5,000 renewable award.

Anyone interested in establishing a scholarship for Lawrence Public Schools seniors can contact the Lawrence Schools Foundation at 785-330-1941.

Learn more about each scholarship and its history here.

2018 Scholarship – Recipient, High School

Aimee E. Ziegler Memorial – Taryn Baldridge, FSHS

Al Deiser Memorial – Sheldon Sorenson, LHS

Al Woolard Memorial – Harrison King, LHS

Arthur “Mike” Browning Memorial – Reece Carmona, LHS

Barbara Burnett – Teaghan Sharpe, LHS

Bill and Gunnar Zimmerman Motivational Award – Thurston Garrison, LHS

Bob and Pauline Johnson – Neo Astorga, LHS

Brian Shirk Memorial – Chris LaPointe, FSHS

Carl Mibeck – Elijah Jackson, LHS

Carol “JC” Church – Devin Lauts, LHS

Central Bank of the Midwest – Haley Wolcott, FSHS

Central Bank of the Midwest – E’lease Stafford, LHS

Chantal Anderson Memorial – Diamonique Vann, LHS

Chestnut STEM – Emaad Gerami, FSHS

Chestnut STEM – Emma Dixon, FSHS

Coach Kermit D. Aldridge Memorial – Allison Day, LHS

Dale Shillington Memorial – Will Cook, FSHS

David “Doc” Johnson Memorial – Eliana Seidner, LHS

David “Doc” Johnson Memorial – Taeghan Sharpe, LHS

Debbie Green Memorial – Maya Frazier, LHS

Debbie Green Memorial – Tyler Johnson, LHS

Del and Don Fambrough Memorial – Robert Kleibohmer, LHS

Elmore Family – Chisato Kimura, LHS

Elmore Family – Mason Phelps, LHS

Erin Dayton Memorial – Brandon Nottingham, LHS

Ethel and Raymond Rice Challenge Award – Deja Porter, FSHS

Ethel and Raymond Rice Challenge Award – Maya Frazier, LHS

Geoffrey Tyler Gaston Music – Abdullah Alkiswani, FSHS

Gerald “Jerry” Vogel Memorial – Luther Fuller, LHS

Haskell Award – Shayla Chickaway, LHS

H.C. Stuart Memorial – Ainsley Agnew, LHS

Jan Green Memorial – Heather Buckingham, FSHS

Jan Green Memorial – Mark Garcia, LHS

Jason W. Alldredge Memorial – Devin Lauts, LHS

John P. Saunders Memorial – Satori Good, LHS

Jonell Williams Memorial – Alexander Bennett, LHS

Latino Exito – Brisa Andrade, LHS

Leona Deiser Memorial – McKenzie Stevens, LHS

Mary E. Gauthier 90th Birthday – Monica Steffes, LHS

Max and Lucile Stalcup Memorial – Leah Wethington, FSHS

McCownGordon Construction – Mia Waters, LHS

Perfect Test Score Award – Quentin Harrington, LHS

Pete Deiser Memorial – Armando Gaeto, LHS

Preston Scheibler Memorial – Quinton Graham, FSHS

Preston Scheibler Memorial – Luther Fuller, LHS

Preston Scheibler Memorial – Maria Buskirk, LHS

Randy Weseman and Emprise Bank Leadership – Elizabeth Grinage, FSHS

Randy Weseman and Emprise Bank Leadership – Graham Edmonds, LHS

RD Johnson Excavating – Ian Hendricks, LHS

RD Johnson Excavating – Mia Waters, LHS

Ryan Walker Jazz – Blake Nations, FSHS

Sarah Elbayoumy Memorial – Diamonique Vann, LHS

Stan Roth Science – Maggie Ziegler, FSHS

Stan Roth Science – Megah Shah, LHS

Susan Satriano Foundation – Rae’Chel Atkins, FSHS

Susan Satriano Foundation – Anna Bial, FSHS

Susan Satriano Foundation – Mary Carr, LHS

Susan Satriano Foundation – Sarah Krambeer, LHS

Susan Satriano Foundation – Mason Phelps, LHS

Susan Satriano Foundation – James Rossillon, LHS

Travis Glass Memorial – Adam Ziegler, FSHS

Travis Glass Memorial – Brisa Andrade, LHS

Troy Tate Memorial Wrestling – Jaymin Cheatham, LHS