Foundation Awards Six School Assistance Grants For 2017-18

June 21, 2017
The Lawrence Schools Foundation has awarded $9,890 in funding for six 2017-18 School Assistance Grants projects. The School Assistance Grants is a program established by the Lawrence Schools Foundation to provide funding for defined areas of use in the Lawrence Public Schools for needs that are not being met with state or federal monies. 
This year's recipients are: 
Cordley Elementary & Hillcrest Elementary - Project Based Learning / Professional Development: $3,000
The funds will collaboratively assist each school to implement Project Based Learning (PBL) / training as a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an engaging and complex question, problem or challenge. PBL is an effective way to learn, that leads to deeper learning competencies required for success in college and/or life careers.

Lawrence Free State Poetry Team: $1,000
The funds will support the Lawrence Free State slam poetry team's travel expenses for an upcoming competition, "Brave New Voices", in San Francisco this summer. Competing in this national competition will challenge the team to improve their writing and performance skills, as well as be able to make connections with other competing teams, coaches and famous poets.

Lawrence High School Arduino Electronic Project Unit for Physics: $2,000
The funds will provide the materials needed to establish a short electronics unit for students. The unit involves using breadboards and wiring up basic circuits using the 555 timing chip. The goal is to spark a greater student interest in the STEM fields as possible career options and be an exciting way for students to learn about electronics, programming and project design.

Lawrence High School--Student Council Leadership Training: $1,190
The funds will enable all LHS student officers the opportunity to complete the Gallup/Clifton Strengthsfinder 2.0 Assessment including a half -day results analysis retreat led by a highly skilled trainer from Johnson County Community College's Continuing Education team. It is designed to help students and educators discover talents and encourage users to devote more time to developing innate strengths and encourage more cohesive teams and more effective projects throughout the year.

Sunset Hill Elementary "Break Out Boxes": $1,200

The Break Out Boxes will help the educators facilitate small group cooperative, hands-on learning in the classroom. Students at all grade levels will benefit from these boxes, as each box can be easily modified to create problem solving activities that are grade-level appropriate. Breakout boxes are perfect for hands-on, high engagement learning and can be easily differentiated for multiple learning needs within a single classroom, as well as across the population for the entire school.

West Middle School - Essentials of Engagement Leadership Training: $1,500
The Essentials of Engagement training is cooperatively planned by WMS administrators and counselors with Mr. Bill Cordes, a local motivational speaker. The training will teach peer-to-peer small-group leadership and interpersonal skills to middle school students. Throughout the school year, the student leaders will continue to implement their engagement skills by greeting and providing orientation for new students and families, assisting peers and adults with school-related activities and modeling "The Warhawk Way" across the school community for all 640 students.