Foundation Finishes Awarding Scholarships To High School Seniors

May 10, 2017


Lawrence Schools Foundation Awards 62 Scholarships Worth More Than $63,000 To Lawrence Public School Seniors


More than $63,000 in scholarship money was provided to Lawrence Public Schools seniors from Lawrence High School and Free State High School as the Lawrence Schools Foundation took part in both schools’ senior recognition ceremonies in early May.


In all, 62 scholarships managed by the Lawrence Schools Foundation were awarded to 53 different seniors to help offset their college expenses.  After awarding 18 scholarships worth more than $18,000 to Free State students Monday, May 1, the Foundation handed out 44 scholarships worth more than $45,000 to LHS seniors Tuesday, May 9.


This year’s scholarships that donors have arranged with the Foundation ranged from $500 to a $5,000 renewable award. Among the new scholarships offered to the students this year were the Chestnut STEM, Elmore Family, Haskell Award, Lawrence Medical Managers, Perfect Test Score and Susan Satriano Foundation scholarships.


Eight scholarships offered annually to students through the Foundation were not issued this year due to an unfortunate lack of applicants.


Anyone interested in establishing a scholarship for Lawrence Public Schools seniors can contact the Lawrence Schools Foundation at 785-330-1941.


See the list of scholarships, their histories and recent photos here.


2017 Scholarship RecipientsAl Deiser Scholarship

Aimee E. Ziegler Memorial – Madison Bruhns, FSHS

Al Deiser Memorial – J Peaches, LHS (pictured right)

Al Woolard Memorial – James Reeder, LHS

Arthur “Mike” Browning Memorial – Brandon Stogsdill, LHS

Barbara Burnett Memorial – Emily Walthall, LHS

Bill and Gunnar Zimmerman Motivational Award – Taylor Ward, LHS

Bill Self’s Assists Foundation – Cameron Edens, FSHS

Bill Self’s Assists Foundation – Raiyan Haq, FSHS

Bill Self’s Assists Foundation – Trey Moore, LHS

Bill Self’s Assists Foundation – Sharyn Serbet, LHS

Bob and Pauline Johnson – Santino Gee, LHS

Brian Shirk Memorial – Dacia Starr, FSHS

Carl Mibeck – Noah Cucza, LHS

Carol “JC” Church – Thomas Taber, LHS

Central Bank of the Midwest – Chris Anderson, FSHS

Central Bank of the Midwest – Olivia Lemus, LHS

Chantal Anderson Memorial – Madison Bruhns, FSHS (pictured right)Chantal Anderson Scholarship

Chestnut STEM – Cameron Edens, FSHS

David “Doc” Johnson Memorial – Joshua Bell, LHS

David “Doc” Johnson Memorial – Noah Mercer, LHS

Debbie Green Memorial – Josh Axlund, LHS

Debbie Green Memorial – Tehreem Chaudhry, LHS

Del and Don Fambrough Memorial – Abigail Treff, LHS

Elmore Family – Natalie Cote, LHS

Elmore Family – Benjamin Otte, LHS

Erin Dayton Memorial – Brandon Stogsdill, LHS

Gerald M. “Gerry” Vogel – Devenn Douangphoxay, LHS

Haskell Award – Kameron Teehee, LHS

H.C. Stuart Memorial – Kara Smith, LHS

Jan Green Memorial – Lilith Kenn, FSHS

Jan Green Memorial – Cameron Stussie, LHS

Jason W. Alldredge Memorial – Dylan Edmonds, FSHS

John K. Bork Memorial – Reese Todd, FSHSLatino Exito Scholarship

John P. Saunders Memorial – Abigail Percich, LHS

Jonell Williams – Santino Gee, LHS

Jonell Williams – Dominic Woolery, LHS

Latino Exito – Brian Dominguez, LHS (pictured right)

Lawrence Medical Managers – Caitlyn Ozaki, FSHS

Lawrence Medical Managers – Sabrina Jones, LHS

Leona Deiser Memorial – Madison McKinney, LHS

Mary E. Gauthier 90th Birthday – Spencer Monninger, LHS

McCownGordon – Collin Harris, LHS

Perfect Test Score Award – Charlotte Crandall, FSHS

Pete Deiser Memorial – Pride Leggins, LHS

Preston Scheibler Memorial – Nathan Robbins, FSHS

Preston Scheibler Memorial – Brandon Jimenez, LHS

Randy Weseman and Emprise Bank Leadership – Hazel Scott, FSHS

Randy Weseman and Emprise Bank Leadership – Bridget Smith, LHS

RD Johnson Excavating – Joshua Bell, LHS

RD Johnson Excavating – Collin Harris, LHS

Ryan Walker Jazz – Danielle McEathron, FSHS

Sara Elbayoumy Memorial – Alexis Kriegh, LHS (pictured right)Sarah Elbayoumy Scholarship

Stan Roth Science – Abena Peasah, FSHS

Stan Roth Science – Jose Smokowski, LHS

Susan Satriano Foundation – Madison Bruhns, FSHS

Susan Satriano Foundation – Josh Axlund, LHS

Susan Satriano Foundation – Carli Stellwagon, LHS

Susan Satriano Foundation – Reese Stellwagon, LHS

Susan Satriano Foundation – Kameron Teehee, LHS

Travis Glass Memorial – Chandler Wiggins, FSHS

Travis Glass Memorial – Kameron Bell, LHS

Troy Tate Wrestling – Cade Burghart, LHS