Lawrence Schools Foundation Distributes 52 Scholarships To Local High School Seniors

May 11, 2016
More than $51,000 in scholarships administered through the Lawrence Schools Foundation were awarded to seniors at Lawrence and Free State High Schools this May.  In all, 43 different students received 52 financial scholarships for college through the Foundation at ceremonies at Free State High School, May 2 and at Lawrence High School, May 10.


Amounts of the scholarships range from $500 to $2,500 from 39 donors who have established scholarships with LSF.  This spring the Aimee E. Ziegler Memorial and McCownGordon Scholarships were awarded for the first time.  Among the donors who have set up scholarships through the Foundation are the Bill Self’s Assists Foundation, South Middle School teacher Jay Deiser and the Latino Community Coalition.


Learn more about student scholarships administered by the Lawrence Schools Foundation here.  Anyone interested in establishing a scholarship for Lawrence seniors can contact the Lawrence Schools Foundation at 785-330-1941.




 Sidney Zavala (below left) received a Latino Exito Scholarship.

2016 Scholarship RecipientsSidney Zavala received a Latino Exito Scholarship at Free State High School

Aimee E. Ziegler Memorial – Kirsten Baska, FSHS

Al Deiser Memorial – Leslie Grey, LHS

Al Woolard Memorial – Konner Kelly, LHS

Arthur “Mike” Browning Memorial – Coulter Strauss, LHS

Barbara Burnett – Mia Franklin, LHS

Bill and Gunnar Zimmerman Motivational Award – David Balmilero, LHS

Bill Self’s Assists Foundation – Jessica Grinage, FSHS

Bill Self’s Assists Foundation – Logan McKinney, FSHS

Bill Self’s Assists Foundation – Fred Brou, LHS

Bill Self’s Assists Foundation – Torie Mitchell, LHS

Bob and Pauline Johnson – Kyle Trompeter, LHS

Brian Shirk Memorial – Jamie Souders, FSHS

Carl Mibeck – Elisabeth Smoot, LHS

Carol J.C. Church – Coulter Strauss, LHS

Central Bank of the Midwest – Carson Ziegler, FSHS

Central Bank of the Midwest – Zavion King, LHS

Chantal Anderson Memorial – Melanny Salazar, LHS

Coach Kermit D. Aldridge – Sarah O’Neill, LHS

David “Doc” Johnson Memorial – Miranda Doores, LHS

David “Doc” Johnson Memorial – Julia Wilson, LHS

Debbie Green Memorial – Liliah Henderson, LHS

Debbie Green Memorial – Mia Franklin, LHS

Del and Don Fambrough Memorial – Louise Loats, LHS

Ethel and Raymond Rice Challenge Award – Liliah Henderson, LHS

Gerald Vogel – Gabe Mullen, LHS

HC Stuart Memorial – Sarah O’Neill, LHS

Geoffrey Tyler Gaston Music – John Walpole, FSHS

Jan Green Memorial – Phoenix Raye Sedlund, FSHS

Jan Green Memorial – Sarah O’Neill, LHS

Jason W. Alldredge Memorial – Konner Kelly, LHS

John K. Bork Memorial – Cameron Shanks, FSHS

John P. Saunders Memorial – Asher Supernaw, FSHS

Jonell Williams – Levi Lisle, LHS

Latino Exito – Sidney Zavala, FSHS

Latino Exito – Melanny Salazar, LHS

Leona Deiser Memorial – Devon Spoonhunter, LHS

Marty Gauthier Scholarship Mary E. Gauthier – Caitlin Carter, LHS

Max and Lucile Stalcup Memorial – Meghan Fletcher, LHS

McCownGordon – Angela Gao, FSHS

Pete Deiser Memorial – Shaellyn Marr, LHS

Preston Scheibler Memorial – Jackson Bermel, FSHS

Preston Scheibler Memorial – Liv Lyche, FSHS

Preston Scheibler Memorial – Diego Gee, LHS

Randy Weseman and Emprise Bank Leadership – Sarah Edmonds, FSHS

Randy Weseman and Emprise Bank Leadership – Fred Brou, LHS

Ryan Walker Jazz – Madeline Birdashaw, FSHS

Ryan Walker Jazz – Zack Dixon, FSHS

Sarah Elbayoumy – Rebecca Moran, FSHS

Stan Roth Science – Anna McCurdy, FSHS

Stan Roth Science – Dorcas Thiam, LHS

Travis Glass Memorial – Simeon Windibiziri, FSHS

Travis Glass Memorial – Caitlin Carter, LHS
Caitlin Carter (above) received the Mary Gauthier Scholarship.