Lawrence Public Schools    BLENDED LEARNING:

What it is?
A mix of traditional teacher-directed and online instruction created through the use of technology in the classroom. Students become engaged with this blended curriculum, which utilizes laptops, smart boards, iPads, tablets, and other interactive technologies.

Who does it? 
The school district now supports 150 blended learning classrooms since its inception a few years ago. The plan is to continue to increase the amount of blended learning classrooms in the coming school years. 
You can find more information, including videos, about blended learning here. 

Lawrence Public Schools MOBILE DEVICES: As part of our school district's $92.5 million bond issue, the Lawrence Public Schools was able to provide mobile computer devices for all certified staff during the 2013-14 school year. Incoming certified employees receive either the MacBook Air or Dell XPS Ultrabook

Incoming Certified Elementary staff will receive the MacBook Air. Incoming Certified Secondary staff will select between the two devices. Our district works hard to ensure that staff receive the most up to date versions of these mobile devices and these computers act as the teachers' primary work station, which they can take with them anywhere. Devices like these help aid in the transition of blended learning classrooms since they have the ability to interface with a variety of technology forms.