Lawrence Public Schools NEW TEACHER MENTORS: Our district works hard to ensure that all new staff feels welcome and is able to transition to our district with ease through the use of our Learning Coach staff. Support doesn't end after a teacher's first year with the district, however. Learning Coaches are available to meet with any teacher, regardless of experience level. This is an important source of instructional and professional support for teachers.

Novice Teachers:
All first year teachers (Novices) work with a Learning Coach through their first year in the profession. This requires that they meet with the Learning Coach on a weekly basis. This work with a Learning Coach meets the licensing requirements set forth by the state.

Non-Novice Teachers:
Additionally, all teachers that are new to the district that are NOT first year teachers work with a Learning Coach in the capacity of "Building Mentor." This relationship is generally less formalized and typically means they meet with the Learning Coach once or twice a year. This relationship also meets licensing requirements for recertification.

Specialty Positions:
Individuals in "specialty" positions such as Special Education, Music, Art, Counseling, Nurses, etc. also receive a "Job-Alike" mentor who is a certified teacher/employee in the district who works in their same area. Job-Alike menthes and mentors typically meet on a monthly basis. This relationship helps individuals meet licensing requirements for recertification.