Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Process

Strategic Planning Framework

The Lawrence Board of Education hired Greenway Strategy Group to support the design, development, and implementation of a process to determine strategic direction for the Lawrence Public Schools. Greenway analyzed district student academic data, survey results, and feedback collected during the Superintendent's fall Listening and Learning Tour.

Next, Superintendent Dr. Anthony Lewis invited student, teacher and staff, school board, parent, and community representatives to a Design Team meeting to review the data analysis and discuss priority student outcomes. The district's Executive Leadership Team grouped the Design Team's input into five priority student outcomes and five strategic themes. These make up a draft Strategic Planning Framework.

The school board on February 25 agreed to share the draft framework with the community for feedback. Here is that presentation (PDF). The district hosted five forums: two for high school students, one for teachers and staff, and two open to the community. In addition, the district invited feedback via an online survey.

On March 25, 2019, Greenway shared with the school board highlights of the feedback received and a revised Strategic Planning Framework incorporating that feedback. Here is that presentation (PDF).

Greenway trained district Strategy Team leaders for each of the five themes. They will work with their teams for eight weeks to brainstorm ideas around objectives, initiatives, and action steps, reaching out to experts and stakeholder groups for additional input throughout the process. The Strategy Teams will periodically share their progress with the Executive Leadership Team.

The strategic plan framework, including initiatives, will come back to the school board for input about outcome performance measures on May 13.  The board is expected to consider approval of outcome performance measures and targets during its meeting on June 10.

The Strategy Teams will develop detailed action plans and budgets for implementation, including stakeholder input, by
June 15. This will enable communication plans, and monitoring and reporting progress action steps to be developed by June 30.