Meeting Minutes 9-23-2019 (click here)

Band Boosters Minutes: September 23, 2019

1. Fundraising Ideas from Aug 28th BB meeting: Updates

  • What could work
    • Mattress Sale - will continue run by Mr Fillmore and Orchestra 
      Eat and Earn - will try to set up one per month starting in Oct
      Silent Auction (see below)
      Direct Donations (Go Fund Me) - Band Patrons in program
      Pancake Feed
      Corporate Sponsors
  • What won’t work (this year)
    • Football game ideas
      Something warm at concessions - concessions are run by school for school fundraising and cannot be set for specific groups
      Merchandise sales with Jock’s Nitch at game - also run for general school fundraising
      Not enough games left to try a 50/50 Raffle this year
      Selling “The Local” - district would not approve door to door sales and LHS was not interested in a Battle of the Bands event.
      Discount Cards - only have one for Glory Days Pizza and did not feel it would sell very well.
      Band CD - too much red tape with copyright infringement issues

2. Committee updates

  • Senior Recognition - Jackie Lord -taking photos on Thursday of seniors to create big heads for senior night
  • Food for the Road - Sharon & Jeff Struve - Reser’s Fine Foods and Runza donated main courses for both festivals and now need fill in items and chaperones.   
  • Reminder to parent volunteers to sign up for food donations
  • Spirit - Brian White - plan to make stickers to sell for computers, cars etc - working on graphics will have for first band concert and to sell with other items.
  • Pit Crew - John Ladner - Thanks for the help on game nights!
  • Social Media - Brian White - Thanks for all the videos!
    Marci updating school website
  • Merchandise - Still need a chairperson - 
    Talked with Jock’s Nitch about selling t-shirts, etc at Feb 14th event, concerts (would need to buy first and then sell for profit)
  • Web store - similar to what choir, tennis and other clubs do
    Had samples to show to those in attendance who voted for their favorites.  The final vote is as follows:
    • Hoodie
      ¾ Sleeve Baseball Shirt
      Unisex Tri-Blend T-shirt
      Unisex Cotton T-shirt
      Unisex Long Sleeve T-shirt
      Stadium Blanket
      Cozy Crew Sweatshirt
      ¾ Zip Polyester Sweatshirt
      Will be selling items online and at concerts.  Look for the link in the next couple of weeks.

3. Valentine Event/Live Music Festival - SAVE-THE-DATE now: February 14, 2020 at FSHS (Auditorium and Commons are reserved)

  • Marci and Carrie presented as to create one BIG event to avoid many small sales throughout the year.  Typically only 30% of students and families participate in fundraisers so we are trying to increase this amount while decreasing the amount of work individual people will have to do by creating 1 big event.  We would incorporate multiple fundraising ideas into one.
    Direct Donations
    Food Sales
    Corporate Sponsors 
    Tickets to Event
    Silent Auction
  • Coordinating with band student leaders - other school groups who may want to perform (choir, orchestra, theater, student council)
    Opportunity for ALL band parents/students to participate (do they want to advertise their business/place of employment; volunteer to serve at food booths; set up decorations; offer to perform (if they are musicians!); solicit advertising, etc.)
  • Several concerns were raised to be discussed with students re: Feb event; Marci and Carrie will meet with Mr. Fillmore to regroup and bring ideas back for next meeting.
  • Work on direct appeal campaign letter and program, bumper stickers, band logo and merchandise to begin ASAP.

 3. Lee’s Summit Band Festival - Saturday, October 5 - Band plays at 3:15 pm

  • Still need help with food and people to travel with and help set up at Festival please check out Reminder to parent volunteers to sign up for food donations and to help at the festival. 
    Mr. Fillmore will be sending out timing soon.  Looks like 11 am to 7 pm. Specific to come soon.

4.  People in attendance:

Carrie Raney
Marci Nielsen
Mr. Fillmore
Mrs. Smith
Mr. Watgen
Alicia Hanna
Brian White
Sharon Struve
Jeff Struve
Trina Langston
Kris Craver
Grace Cavanaugh
Lori Walton
Chris Johnson
Jackie Lord
Carla Sturgeon Gardner
Eve Loos

5.  Next Meeting October 28, 8 pm S&S Artisan Pub and Coffeehouse 

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