• FAQ

    What is Graffiti Magazine?

    Graffiti is the student edited, produced, and authored literary magazine of Lawrence High School that has been around for over forty years. Up until the late 90s we were called the Dandy Lion. Student writers, artists, and photographers have the potential to be showcased in our professionally printed journal that is published in the spring of each academic year. The magazine also hosts monthly open mic poetry readings and writing contests in order to encourage and support the writing community of LHS.


    How do I become a part of the Graffiti Magazine’s staff?

    Talk to Mr. Stiles in person in room 203 or email him at and tell him you are interested. All LHS students are eligible to join at any point during the year.


    Who can submit to Graffiti Magazine?

    Any current LHS student is allowed to submit to Graffiti Magazine or one of our contests.


    How do I enter a contest or submit to the yearly magazine?

    Please submit all work at or bring a hard copy to Mr. Stiles in room 203. Electronic submission is preferable but will not affect judging. Include your first and last name, the name of the piece of writing, and why you are submitting it (for a contest or the magazine). Unless specifically stated, more than one piece of work from a single writer is acceptable.


    How many contests does Graffiti hold each year?

    Typically two, one per semester. Keep a lookout for posters put up around the school or talk to your English teacher or Mr. Stiles for specific dates and guidelines.


    What happens after I submit my work?

    Members of Graffiti Magazine’s student staff and teachers within the English department will judge your writing. Names and any identifying information will not be shown to the judges.


    How will my work be judged?

    The most important trait the Graffiti staff is looking for is originality. We want to hear your voice through your writing. Write about things you can relate to or issues you deeply care about or activities that you love. Take old clichés and make them new, make them yours. Work will also be judged based on quality, structure, the ability to use literary devices, and the theme of the contest (as applies).

    *1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of any contest held by Graffiti will automatically gain a spot in that year’s issue of Graffiti Magazine.

  • Graffiti Magazine Advisor
    Matt Stiles
    Room #203