• Nonacademic Tests, Questionnaires, Surveys & Exams

    USD 497 created this resource page per the requirements of Kansas House Bill 2567, Section 27, which took effect July 1, 2022.  This webpage hosts resource links to Nonacademic Tests, Questionnaires, Surveys, and Exams (NTQSE) that may be available to students. Parental consent is required for students to participate when these types of surveys or exams include questions about personal and private attitudes, values, and beliefs, as well as practices of the student, parents, guardians, family members, associates, friends, and/or peers. 

    When administering NTQSE, the district will notify parents/guardians in writing no more than four months before administering the instrument. The notification will be sent to parents/guardians via email and will include a copy of the NTQSE. The notice will describe how the parent provides written consent, provide the name of the company or entity that produces or provides the survey, and explain how the data will be used.

    The parent must “opt-in” with consent in writing or electronic signature for each NTQSE. The district will utilize electronic signatures through a secured PowerSchool form. The student may “opt-out” of the NTQSE and must be informed of this right. A copy of the NTQSE is available on this webpage (below).  

    USD 497 embraces family engagement and transparency by asking parents to also "opt-in" their students for participation in other screeners and measures. Information related to other screeners and measures is on this webpage.

    HB 2567 Section 27 
    Nonacademic Tests, Questionnaires, Surveys & Exams include questions about personal and private attitudes, values and beliefs, as well as practices of the student, parents, guardians, family members, associates, friends and/or peers. Screeners and other measures that impact academic progress and instructional practice (SRSS-IE, SAEBRS, Trusted Adult Surveys, etc.) are not subject to HB 2567.

    Kansas Communities that Care Survey (KCTC)
    The KCTC survey is conducted annually and anonymously with 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th graders across the state. The survey provides valuable insights on the health risk behaviors and opinions of students in your county, district, and schools and is used to identify and fund the programs and activities our schools and community needs.  Parental consent will be administered through our PowerSchool registration system. 

    mySAEBRS (my Social, Academic, and Emotional Behavior Risk Screener) is a brief, norm-referenced tool for screening all students to identify those who are at risk for social-emotional behavior (SEB) problems. SAEBRS is one of the only SEB universal screening tools built to align with a dual-factor model of student social-emotional functioning, which asserts that mental health should be defined by both the absence of problem behaviors and symptomatology (e.g., internalizing and externalizing behaviors) and the presence of well-being and competencies (e.g., social-emotional skills).

    Panorama Check-Ins
    With Panorama’s check-ins tool, educators can collect quick perception data from students to deliver frequent, rapid supports throughout the year. Panorama developed these questions following best practices in survey design. They are grounded in scholarly literature on positive psychology, learning science, and educational psychology and aligned with our Social-Emotional resource, Character Strong. The check-in questions we have selected support student Social-Emotional Learning Skills and Competencies. Questions are related to self-efficacy, growth mindset, social awareness, learning strategies, classroom effort, emotion regulation, rigorous expectations, and sense of belonging. All data is securely gathered and specific to each student. The information gained from the Panorama Check-Ins informs the district’s tiered system of support for social-emotional learning, allowing educators to proactively meet the needs of students.