Apollo Redesign

  • timeline We are excited to move forward with our Kansans Can School Redesign Projects! Broken Arrow, Deerfield, and Hillcrest Elementary Schools and Free State High Schools voted to apply and were accepted by the Kansas State Department of Education for the Apollo Redesign.
    Imagine an education system where students are empowered to take control of their learning. Where students are engaged in meaningful dialogue with parents and educators to identify their passions and areas of interest. Where they engage in learning that is personalized to their individual preferences and at a pace that ensures they are achieving to their fullest potential. Imagine an education system where students are excited to engage and take charge of their day. 
    Students having a say in how they structure their learning and the school day will foster responsibility, accountability, and critical thinking. Designing learning around a student’s passions and interests increases the likelihood of that student graduating high school and pursuing a meaningful future. This is the education system Kansas is building through its Kansans Can School Redesign Project.
    Read this update about redesign.
    Watch school staff share information about their redesign plans in this update to the school board. (Fast forward to 2:17:17.)