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  • *Please contact the school nurse, Shelly Bennett, if you have tested positive for Covid-19*

    Free State Summer Credit Recovery Program


    2022 Fall Semester Honor Roll


    New Students to the District


    Transcripts 2021-2022 Transcripts will be available beginning Monday June 13, 2022

    -Parchment (Transcripts)

    Effective April 5, 2021 Parchment's standard transaction fee for academic credentials will be $4.15.  Transaction fees for Enrollment and Graduation Verifications will remain unchanged.  Parchment is continuing to invest in creating a stable, powerful and innovative records management platform to serve your needs.


    Youth Substance Use and Mental Health in Douglas County


    High School Tech Guide  



    • Reminder-high schools do not have school supply lists. Each teacher will let their students know what they will need on the first day of classes. 



    • PARENTS/GUARDIANS:  Do you have ATTENDANCE questions? Is your child needing to leave school early?  Please note, Free State does not have an intercom system that reaches individual classrooms.  Teachers are not always able to answer phone calls, or their phone is in a different area from where the class meets. Remember the caller must be Parent/Guardian.  An Emergency contact can pick up, but not excuse a student. Please see that the following procedures are done when your child(ren) must be released from school.

      • Call: 785-330-2503 or email: at least 2 hours prior to their departure. If you get Voicemail, please leave a message. This time window will ensure an appropriate pass is sent to the classroom.

      • Are they not feeling well?  They should go to the Nurse in Room 206.  She will contact you.  It is easier to release them from school from her office and less disruptive to classrooms.

      • Last minute appointments are rare, but do happen.  Please contact the attendance office as soon as you schedule an appointment. Teachers will not release your child from a text on their phone.  They rely on the office to notify them that a student is approved to leave class.


Student and Staff Safety & Policies

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