Welcome to Music at Cordley and Kennedy Elementary Schools!

music notes
  • Thank you, so much, for allowing me to teach music to your students! 

  • Concerts Dates for 2018-2019!
    Cordley Elementary School
    Kindergarten: April 2 at 7:00pm
    1st grade: April 2 at 7:00pm
    2nd grade: March 4 at 7:00pm
    3rd grade: March 4 at 7:00pm
    4th grade: April 23 at 6:00pm
    5th grade: April 23 at 6:00pm
    Kennedy Elementary School
    Kindergarten: April 29 at 7:00pm
    1st grade: April 8 at 7:00pm
    2nd grade: April 8 at 7:00pm
    3rd grade: February 11 at 7:00pm
    4th grade: February 11 at 7:00pm
    5th grade: May 20 at 6:00pm
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