Degrees and Certifications:


Wallace is an A+ good boy who was born in 2012 in Alaska! He found his forever family in 2014. Wallace and his family moved to Kansas in 2017, and he got his therapy dog certification after getting all settled in his new home. Wallace wanted to become a therapy dog because he loves to make people feel happy.


Wallace serves as a therapy dog at Liberty Memorial Central Middle School, and is very popular among the students and staff! He loves keeping the kids focused and on task as his owner, Ms. Holman, teaches them about science. Wallace loves being in middle school so much that he's also the mascot of the Sexuality And Gender Acceptance club that meets after school at LMCMS! He even has his own Instagram page! You can follow him at @professorwallace.lmcms. 


In his spare time, Wallace loves exploring Kansas, getting snacks, practicing agility, learning new things, and following all of the rules. Wallace dislikes rain, getting his paws wet, and any kind of rule breaking. He really is the greatest boy in the world.