• 2021-2022 Clubs and Sponsors                                                                          





    Anime Club/Cartoon Club Ms. Frederick            afrederi@usd497.org Rm. 311  
    Art Club Ms. Downs/Ms. Podrasky/Mr. Lloyd rdowns@usd497.org spodrask@usd497.org blloyd@usd497.org Rm. 312  
    Ascent Mrs. Abeita    sara.abeita@usd497.org Rm. 427  
    Asian Culture Club Ms. Landwehr aimee.landwehr@usd497.org Rm. 336  
    Astrology Club Ms. Podrasky    spodrask@usd497.org Rm. 225  
    Can We Talk

    Dee Kemp dkemp@usd497.org

    Security Office  
    Democrats of America Mr. Morrison       jmorriso@usd497.org Rm. 510 https://sites.google.com/view/lfsdems/
    Dungeons & Dragons Mr. Lloyd               blloyd@usd497.org Rm. 211  
    Environmental Club Ms. Schwarting/ Ms. Podrasky jaschwar@usd497.org spodrask@usd497.org Rm. 427/225  
    Fashion Club Ms. Podrasky    spodrask@usd497.org Rm. 225  
    Fellowship of Christian Students Mrs. Malcolm malcolm@usd497.org Rm. 207  
    Finer Things/Humanities/Book Club Mrs. Johnston kylee.johnston@usd497.org Rm. 306  
    Fishing Futures Club Ms. Langston/Mrs. Torbett tlangsto@usd497.org amanda.torbett@usd497.org Rm. 610  
    Four Square Mr. Rabiola         srabiola@usd497.org Rm. 312  
    FCCLA Mr. Henderson  nhenders@usd497.org Rm. 222  
    FFA Mrs. Gilmore allyson.dorrell@usd497.org Rm. 219  
    G-SA (Gender-Sexuality Alliance) Mr. Baker              lbaker@usd497.org Rm. 516  
    German Club Mr. Lipp                   tlipp@usd497.org Rm. 512  
    Graphic Design Club Mrs. Salmans  msalmans@usd497.org Rm. 201  
    Hacky Sack Club Ms. Schwarting  jaschwar@usd497.org Rm. 427  
    Inter-Tribal Club Ms. Walker/ Mrs. Pope apope@usd497.org Rm. 416C  
    Key Club Mr. Larson            jlarson@usd497.org Rm. 418  
    Latin Club Mr. Puckett        zpuckett@usd497.org Rm. 401  
    Magic: The Gathering Club Mr. Puckett        zpuckett@usd497.org Rm. 401  
    Math Club Mr. Pope               bpope@usd497.org Rm. 534  
    Model UN Mr. Rosen            prosen@usd497.org Rm. 409  
    Muppets Club Mr. Mendence  jmendenc@usd497.org Rm. 525  
    Tri M (Music Club) Mr. East /Mrs. Henning        joshua.east@usd497.org / oliver.henning@usd497.org Rm. 605  
    National Honor Society Mrs. Romero      eromero@usd497.org Rm. 407


    Orcadork Hype Crew Mr. R. Clark    randy.clark@usd497.org Rm. 606  
    Permaculture Club Julie Schwarting jaschwar@usd497.org Rm. 606  
    Philosophy Club Mrs. Johnston          kylee.johnston@usd497.org Rm. 306  
    Pre-Med Club Mr. Dalton  gabriel.dalton@usd497.org Rm. 208  
    Quill and Scroll Honor Society Mrs. Folsom         lfolsom@usd497.org Rm. 203  
    Robotics Club Mrs. Merritt         jlmerrit@usd497.org LHS  
    Scholars Bowl Mr. Stawderman ostrawde@usd497.org Rm. 415  
    Science Olympiad Mr. Colvin           mcolvin@usd497.org Rm. 504  
    Step Club Mrs. Pope             apope@usd497.org Rm. 416C  
    Student Council Alyssa Barratt alyssa.barratt@usd497.org Rm. 223  
    Tabletop Club Mr. Martin           amartin@usd497.org Rm. 316  
    Thespian Club Mr. Percival brian.percival@usd497.org Rm. 603  
    Tolkien Club Mr. Colvin           mcolvin@usd497.org Rm. 504  
    Writer's Club Mr. A. Smith adam.smith@usd497.org Rm. 304  
    Young Republicans Club Mr. Hissong/ Mr.Henderson   daniel.hissong@usd497.org   nhenders@usd497.org  Rm. 420