• Luca Osborn (Theseus / Oberon) 

    Luca is very excited to be a part of yet another production at Free State. He has been involved with two previous main-stage productions. He is involved with Chamber Choir, Chamber Singers, Philharmonic Orchestra, Pre-Med Club, ASL Club, Key Club, Boy Scouts, and Tri-M. He would like to thank his girlfriend, friends, family, and directors.


  • Lindsey Landholm (Hippolyta / Titania) (Scenic Background Designer)

    Lindsey is so excited to be in their "8 billionth" show at Free State High School! This will be their second time in this show with the same part—except this time it is more fun! They hope you enjoy the show. It has been a great year. I love y'all! Stay super freaky!


  • Caroline Börk (Puck / Philostrate) (Scenic Design)

    Caroline is elated to be back preforming. She has been in theatre since she was six, with numerous roles such as Mary Poppins (Mary Poppins), Maggie (A Chorus Line), Penny (Hairspray), Ursula (The Little Mermaid), and many more. Within FS Theatre she is a four year member of the improv team, five star inducted thespian, and playwrite. Outside of drama, she is the proud Free State Marching Band Drum Major; Lead Jazz Vocalist; award winning artist and filmmaker; member of Tri-M Music Honor Society; a member of the rock climbing team; and invovled in many other actives. She plans to attend The University of Connecticut for Visual Art and Vocal Performance.


  • Tommy Taylor (Egeus)

    Tommy is so excited to be working on another show at Free State. He has worked on many shows at Free State. He hopes everyone is having a great day. Hi Leo.

  • Felix Janzen Chappell (Lysander)

    Felix is excited to be a part of his fourth production at Free State. He is also involved in Free State's Symphonic Orchestra, Chamber Choir, Chamber Singers, and the Improv team. He is very grateful to all his family and friends for supporting him in theatre throughout the years.


  • Mimi Wood (Hermia)

    Mimi is thrilled to be doing another production at Free State! She was previously in Black Box Theatre Festival and Little Mermaid but has done many other shows around Lawrence. She also enjoys creating art and singing as well. Mimi would like to thank her parents, siblings, close friends, and her theatre teachers Mr. Williams,  Mr. Rischar, and Mr. Jones.


  • Beckett Hutchinson (Demetrius)

    Beckett is invigorated by his passion for the theatre arts and is excited to be taking on such a Shakespearian challenge. Previously, Beckett has been in The Penguin Project at Theatre Lawrence, as well as other Free State Productions. In his free time, Beckett enjoys the art of cinematography and watching his favorite movie "Submarine." He would like to thank his pals, family, and directors.


  • Cella Allison (Helena)

    Cella is a junior and is excited to work on another show here. She’s had a passion for the art for as long as she can remember and has most recently been seen as the Stage Manager for School of Rock at LAC. She wants to say a huge thank you to everyone who made this show possible; even the smallest contributions have helped make this show an amazing experience for everyone involved! 


  • Gillian Sellet (Peter Quince)

    This is Gillian’s first time performing Shakespeare, and she’s thrilled to be starring in her second production here at Free State. Outside of theatre, Gillian is involved in Forensics and several clubs. She’d like to thank her friends and family for always supporting her.


  • Ava Ayala (Nick Bottom / Pyramus)

    Ava is so excited to be acting in yet another show at Free State! She was last seen in Murder of the Orient Express. Outside of theatre, Ava enjoys participating in Forensics and is the State Champion for Prose! She would like to thank her friends, family, and directors.

  • Ebi Hegeman (Francis Flute / Thisby)

    Ebi is thrilled to end the theatre season with Midsummer. She’s been involved in theatre for four years and is enjoying every minute. Outside of theatre, Ebi takes part in Vox Novum Choir, Tri-M Music Honor Society, and multiple clubs. She wants to thank the cast and crew for their support and hard work!


  • Kouri Demelash (Snout / Wall)

    [Read in an exaggerated British accent.] For many millennia, Kouri (although posed as a 14-year-old) has been searching and scavenging for something to do... something... fulfilling! And it just so happens that a little school called "middle school" had opened up. There he spent his days acting, and showing off what he can do. The rest is history.


  • Gabriel Hunter (Snug / Lion)

    Gabriel is excited to play Snug in this production of A Midsummer Night's Dream.  Gabriel has been involved in theatre for the past four years of high school and three years in middle school. Gabriel wants to thank Mr. Goolsby, Mr. Jones, Mr. Williams, and his family for helping make Gabriel's theatre experience a good one.


  • Ashtyn Ortiz (Robin Starveling / Moon)

    Ashtyn is excited to be a part of yet another Free State show! Apart from theatre she is involved in choir, community theatre, writing club, garden club, and art club. This will be her seventh show at Free State. She would like to thank her friends, family, and directors.


  • Morgan Sponholtz (Peasblossom)

    Morgan is incredibly excited to be involved in another Free State production! Most recently she was Greta Ohlson in Murder on the Orient Express. Outside of theatre, she enjoys hanging out with friends, being outside, and dancing.


  • Liz Wyle (Cobweb)

    Liz is excited to be in another show at Free State. She was previously in The Little Mermaid. She is also the Social Chair for Drama Club and is in Chamber Choir. She would like to thank her friends for supporting her.


  • Mara Batterman (Moth)

    Mara is thrilled to be back in another show here at Free State. She was previously seen in Blithe Spirit. Mara is excited to be back doing what she loves, and would like to thank her amazing friends, directors, and family for supporting her!

  • Ryan Fowler (Mustardseed)

    Ryan is excited about doing his first play written by William Shakespeare. After four years of theatre experience, this is his first Shakespeare play and his second Black Box production. Ryan wants to thank his family for always supporting him in his endeavors, and Mr. Jones for being such a great role model.


  • Megan Green (Fairy / Attendant #2)

    Megan is super hyped to be a part of Midsummer. She has been in three productions at Free-state. Outside of the theatre, she participates in Choir, Speech, and Debate and would like to thank the lovely people who support her through and through! 


  • Del Earl (Fairy / Attendant #2 / Hart)

    Del is super pumped about being in her first Free State Theater production!


  • Lola Cloud (Stage Manager)

    This is Lola’s first-time stage managing for a production at Free State. She has previously assistant stage managed the past three shows. She is involved with FS Journalism. Lola is so excited to see this cast and crew perform! She would like to thank her friends (especially Sam and Clara), family, and directors for all their support!


  • Clara Beyer (Assistant Stage Manager / Student Technical Director)

    Clara is excited to be a part of her last production at Free State. She has previously designed lights for Blithe Spirit and The Little Mermaid, as well as Technical Directed Murder on the Orient Express. Outside of productions, she participates in Drama Club as the Advocacy Chair, as well as coaching youth soccer with Sporting KC! Clara would like to thank her parents, Mr. Jones, and Lola Cloud for making such a big impact on her life.


  • Piper Northrop (Lighting Designer)

    Piper is very enthusiastic about being involved in their third Free State Theatre Production! Piper has been a part of the lights crew for the past nine months. Outside the theatre, she helps at Theatre Lawrence. Piper wants to thank their parents and friends.

  • Samantha Dillon (Sound Designer)

    Samantha is delighted to be a part of her third Free State production. She has formerly been on the sound crew for The Little Mermaid, as well as sound designing for Murder on the Orient Express. Outside of theatre, she is an active participant in club soccer. She would like everyone to know, that camels have three eyelids. She would like to thank Mr.Jones for being awesome, and Clara Beyer for all of her lovely help. Lola is also pretty great.


  • Leah Rule (Costume Designer)

    Leah is very excited to be part of another Free State Theatre Production. This is her sixth production overall, and fourth production in a row in costume design. She wants to thank her friends, family, and fellow production team members!


  • Becca Craft (Costume Designer) (Hair & Makeup Designer)

    Becca loves being a part of shows both on and off stage! She was recently in Murder on the Orient Express. She is on the KS Thespian State Board, Blue Star Student Council, and Community Service chair for Drama Club. She thanks her parents, friends, and teachers for all they do to support her and hopes that everyone enjoys the show!


  • Ember Klein (Property Master)

    Ember is very excited to be a part of Midsummer. This is her sixth show at Free State. Outside of theatre, Ember is a football manager, editor for the yearbook, and does forensics. Ember would like to thank her friends and family for supporting her through this show!


  • Laura Turner (Publicity Director) (Costume / Hair & Makeup Crew)

    Laura is so excited to be the publicity director for A Midsummer Night's Dream, and she loves the amazing group of people who are participating in the production! Apart from theatre, she is involved in Pre-Med Club, Basketball, Tennis, LMH Volunteering, Drama Club, and Forensics.


  • Free State Theatre Technicians & Crew (Productions Past & Present)

    Annika Ling, Liz Wyle, KJ Jones, Olivia Williams, Robin Heatwole Imbeau, Willow Marable, Oliver Paget, Kouri Demelash, Nick Hause, Kennedy McDonnell, Nico Scales, Ebi Hegeman, Landry Koester, Regan Bryant, Davis Boedeker, & Ari Harrell [Not Pictured: Evie Chancy & Baila Love]

  • Annika Ling (Run Crew / Set Construction)

    Annika is very excited for her second theater production. She has worked very hard painting the set. She wants to thank everyone who came to the show!

  • Oliver Paget (Set Construction)

    Oliver is excited to be a part of his third Free State theatre production! Oliver got involved in Free State theatre crew just this year—helping with The Little Mermaid and Murder on the Orient Express. Outside of theatre he participates in art club, art contests and a high school climb team. Oliver wants to thank his family, friends, and fellow crew members.


  • Kennedy McDonnell (Properties Crew / Run Crew / Set Construction)

    Kennedy is super excited about this production! They have worked super hard on this show and are happy that you are here to see it! Their favorite thing about the play is the big curtain (which they definitely didn’t make).

  • Nico Scales (Lights Crew / Run Crew / Set Construction)

    Nico is happy to be finishing out strong with the final production of the year. He is a fan of the tech elements of theatre and is continuing to pursue his interests over the summer. He wants to thank his folks for their continued support!


  • Davis Boedecker (Run Crew / Set Construction)

    Davis had no clue what the story of this play was, or really what he’s been doing here, but he’s excited nonetheless! Davis has worked on several things throughout the play, and he would like to thank everyone that’s a part of this production for making it so enjoyable and working so hard.


  • Evie Chancy (Costume / Hair & Makeup Crew)

    Evie is very joyous and gleeful about being involved in their very first Free State Theatre Production! This is Evie’s very first experience being on the hair and makeup crew. Outside theater, she is in journalism, debate, and forensics—as well as a participant in the Women in Stem and the Finer Things Clubs. Evie wants to thank her friends, family, teachers, and especially everyone else in the theatre department for being there to support her!

  • Baila Love (Properties Crew / Set Construction)

    Baila is so pumped and excited to be a part of A Midsummer Night's Dream. This is Baila's first show in the crew and hopes to continue in the theater. Outside the theater, Baila does debate, forensics, and Women in STEM. Baila wants to thank Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, Lorde, and Taylor Swift for getting her through crew days.


  • Ari Harrell (Properties Crew / Set Construction)

  • Special Thanks:

    -To our Free State Administrative Team—especially our Activities Director, Matt Renk, and Principal Amy McAnarney for their support of Arts in Education. 

    -To the entire Free State Custodial Staff and Building Lead Jacqueline Hutchinson for their continued dedication and support.

    -To The Rents—especially our President, Sherri Soule. Your continued work in support of Free State theatre and its students is greatly appreciated!

    -To Joshua East, Judy Erpelding, Olivia Henning, Randy Fillmore, Melisssa Smith, Kelly Thompson, and Collin Watgen for their continued work as performing arts educators at FSHS.

    -To Craig Ruis Fisher, Trish Neuteboom, Brian Williams, Keith Self, and Blair Waitte for their continued work as theatre educators in Lawrence Public Schools. 

    -To our Stagecraft classes, Saturday workday crews, and the Beyers—Andrea and Ian—for their creativity, ingenuity, and dedication to making this production “go.”


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