• Contact Info

    Webex Personal Room: https://usd497.webex.com/meet/chris.linner

    EMAIL: Chris.linner@usd497.org 

    - You can email me at anytime and I will respond within 24 hours.

    - This will be the best way of getting ahold of me throughout the day. 

    Classroom Platfrom: Google Classroom 

    - Students will be asked to be participants in the google classroom and will be sent the code to join.

    - Guardians may also join as "Observers" of the class. 

    - All classroom materials will be posted here.   

    Best Contact Time: 7am - 3pm (During school hours)/ 5-6pm (Outside school hours)

    -  If you reach out I will try and get back to you as quickly as I can. 

    Other Important Information:  

    - I am the Head Girls Basketball Coach. Meaning that most days I will be busy immediately after school. 

  • Class Schedule: Spring Semester

    Hour 0: US History Survey II

    Hour 1: US History Survey II

    Hour 2: US History Survey II

    Hour 3: Native American History

    Hour 4: US History Suvey II 

    Hour 5: US History Suvery II

    Hour 6: Plan