Lawrence College & Career Academy

  • The Lawrence College & Career Academy (LCCA) prepares students for self-sustainability through learning academic, career, social, and emotional skills leading to high school graduation, career path employment, and successful completion of a wide variety of post-secondary education opportunities.

    LCCA provides a "full-day" option for students who have completed one school year at Lawrence High School or Lawrence Free State High School. Students who choose to attend the Academy will experience:

    • Daily health, wellness, and prevention programming
    • Daily academic support programming
    • Individualized academic skill development designed to meet graduation requirements
    • Career skill development that leads to high-demand, self-sustaining careers
    • Integrated courses that identify the relevancy of academic content and provide links to career interests 

    Students who desire to attend the College & Career Academy must complete an application and a face-to-face interview.  Students must have at least two (2) adult mentors (parents, guardians, mentors, teachers, counselors) who are willing to support the student's academic, social, and career skill development.

Post-Secondary Preparation

  • Students at the College & Career Academy will enroll in academic or core courses that lead to high school graduation and a wide variety of post-secondary education opportunities.  Some courses are paired with career cohort courses.  Others may be online, with face-to-face teacher support.  Courses include:

    English Language Arts

    English 1 - Literature; English 2 - Literature

    English 1 - Writing; English 2 - Writing

    English 1 - Speaking and Listening; English 2 - Speaking and Listening


    Math 1 - Real & Complex Number Systems/Quantities

    Math 2 - Geometry

    Math 3 - Algebra 1

    Math 4 - Algebra 2

    Math 5 - Functions and Models

    Math 6 - Statistics and Probabilities


    Food Science I & II

    Forensic Science I & II


    Social Studies

    World History

    US History

    US Government


    Family Studies

    Some career preparation courses may meet academic or core graduation requirements.  All students must complete 23 credits (4.0 English, 3.0 Math, 3.0 Science, 3.0 Social Studies, 1.0 Fine Arts, 1.0 Health and Physical Education) towards high school graduation.  Fine Arts and Physical Education options are available as online classes.  




Career Preparation

  • Each student who attends the College & Career Academy selects a career cohort comprised of students with similar career interests.  These include:

    Business and Computer Technology

    Culinary Arts

    Design, Production, and Repair (including Automotive Mechanics, Welding, and Construction)

    Health Science

    Early Childhood Education

    For more information on the courses in each cohort, visit our CCA Course Catalog.


College & Career Academy

Lawrence College & Career Academy Application Process

  • We receive student referrals from Free State and Lawrence High Schools counselors, social workers, and administrators.  If you are interested in attending the College and Career Academy, please speak with one of the school personnel listed above to receive a link to the application.

    Part of the application process requires you ask an adult you know through school-- a teacher, administrator, coach, etc.-- to share with us why they think the Lawrence College & Career Academy would better meet your needs than your current school in a Letter of Referral. Here's the link to this referral form:

    Applications for referred students are accepted during mid-October for the Spring Semester and during mid-March for the following Fall Semester.

    Questions about the application process can be addressed by calling the Lawrence College and Career Academy at (785) 832-5900.