• History

    Built in 1987 on 15 wooded acres of land in western Lawrence, Quail Run Elementary School serves approximately 470 students in grades K-5. Faculty members who arrived early to the school recall often seeing deer and other wildlife on the grounds. The school's name came from the subdivision which surrounds it.  Quail Run Elementary received the National Blue Ribbon for high-quality elementary schools.

    Vision:  What do we hope to become?

    Our vision is to effectively work as staff in cohesive teams to share the responsibility of creating a positive, dynamic environment that empowers all students to reach their true potential in academic skills and character development.

    Values:  What attitudes, behaviors and commitments will make our vision a reality?

    Values:  What attitudes, behaviors and commitments will make our vision a reality?Our shared values demonstrate that we are dedicated, knowledgeable, visionaries who:

    -lead by example in our commitment to a standard of excellence and futuristic thinking

    -respect individual differences while valuing abilities and contributions of others

    -openly communicate and participate in team and school initiatives

    -maintain a sense of balance which enables flexible, creative, and collaborative problem solving

    -promote a positive learning community of responsibility, self-discipline, compassion, and joy!


    Preamble:  We the students of Quail Run Elementary, in order to maintain a positive, productive, and safe learning environment, hereby promise that we will:


    Show respect and consideration for ALL people.


    Appreciate and value ALL people through our words, actions, and appearance.


    Take responsibility for our actions and learn from our mistakes.


    Listen, study, work, and play to the best of our ability.


    Take care of what’s important:  our minds, our bodies, and our school.