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    Welcome back to South Middle School!  My name is Tara Zelvy and believe it or not this is my nineteenth year of teaching. That's right, I’ve been teaching since I was ten years old.  Okay not really, I'm old. I don't mind. Wink

    This class focuses on reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  In this environment students will develop and fine-tune their craft of writing as well as enrich their love of and insight into literature.  Like any skill (playing the violin, football), reading and writing improves with practice.  Students will write as well as read narrative, informative, and argumentative pieces.  

    Our class, like some of your others, is a blended classroom. We have more access to technology, and student responsibility is higher. This means there will be times of working independently, cooperating in small groups, and conferencing with me. We will talk more in class about what this means and expectations.