• In the early 1990's it became apparent that there was a strong need for a fourth junior high school. The existing three junior highs were filled to capacity, and in the case of South Junior High, there were about 400 students beyond the capacity of the building. Following a successful bond issue campaign and a two-year construction project, Southwest opened its doors in the fall of 1995.

    Prior to the opening, the School Board hired Dr. Trish Bransky as the principal of this new junior high and also selected the name Southwest Junior High for the new school. Dr. Bransky began to have meetings with future students to help them to get to know each other and so that they could select both the mascot and the school colors. After several meetings and voting on the part of these students, the colors navy and silver were selected as well as the Bulldog for the mascot.

    The teaching staff was hired in the spring of 1995, and during the summer of that year many meetings were held with the new staff to begin the process of opening the doors to the new Bulldogs in the fall. Teachers from the entire district made up this new staff, but the largest number came from South Junior High, as did the largest number of students.

    It was a very exciting time for those people who were involved in the opening of this new school. After a few minor glitches - no lockers to start the year, no table and chairs for the science rooms, and no storage for the band instruments, school got underway and Southwest Junior High opened. It was well on its way to becoming the outstanding school that it remains today.

    -Contributed by Sue Hack

    ~Mrs. Hack was one of the original founding teachers of Southwest Junior High School and served as the Student Council Sponsor until her retirement after the 2002 school year.