• 1-1 Parent Guide

    Message from Dr. Lewis

  • Using Your Device at Home

    Anxious about your student having a device at home? 

    Check out the following resources:

    Don't have internet at home?

    Kajeets, wireless hotspots, are available for students during the school year who do not have Internet access at home - checkout from the school library.

    Note: Kajeets are only available during the school year and not over the summer.

  • Action Steps for Parents

    1. Review 1-1 Agreement
    2. Review AUP
    3. Review Summer Use Opt-In
    4. Check out Resources for Using Your Student's Device at Home
  • Don't Stop Learning! Take your device home this summer.

    Students who have a 1-1 device through their middle school or high school may take their device home to use over the summer. Students currently enrolled in 6th or 7th grade can take their iPads home and students currently enrolled in 9th, 10th, or 11th grade can take their MacBooks home. 8th graders must check in their iPad before summer break and seniors must check in their MacBook before graduating. 

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