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    Welcome to 7th Grade Social Studies for the Navigator team! Social Studies in 7th Grade focuses on World Geography and Kansas History. During our studies of World Geography, we focus on four main units: Geography Basics, Physical Geography, Human Geography, and Human-Environment Interactions. Students will learn about the physical world, the people who inhabit it, and how those two interact. Students will not only learn about places around the world, but they will critically think and analyze our world and the issues they will face in their lifetimes. 
    In addition to Social Studies, students will be enhancing their researching, writing, collaborating, and technology skills as they follow a "blended" model in the classroom. This means a traditional classroom environment is "blended" with an online environment to increase a student's engagement with the curriculum, and allow them to work more collaboratively with each other. Click on this link to watch a video that explains this concept more: http://vimeo.com/78871778    
    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about the course. Explore the rest of this page for additional information, and as always, thanks for your support at home! What a great day to be a Cougar! 

    Ms. Stephanie Cargill
    7th Grade Social Studies Teacher
    South Middle School
    785-832-5450 x 1757