Garrett Viets



Degrees and Certifications:

Garrett Viets

(pronounced "veets")
I am the choir teacher at Billy Mills Middle School. I am licensed to teach both Choir and Physics but my true passion is choir. Music has been my life since I started middle school choir in Shawnee Mission, and I am beyond excited to be living and teaching music in Lawrence!

I love Star Wars, rock climbing, video games, root beer, cars, airplanes, animals, science, and, of course, good music!

Some people who inspire me are Carl SaganSteve IrwinFred Rogers, and Bob Ross.

To students:
Get ready to get involved! Part of my job is to teach you, sure, but the #1 reason I'm here is to make you want to learn! It makes no difference who you are, what you look like, where you came from, what you believe, or whom you love; you are welcome in my classroom.

"'What is the meaning of life?' Other people." - John Green