Ms. Melissa Fite Johnson (she/her)

Phone: 620-249-0718 (cell)


Degrees and Certifications:

BSEd in English, Pittsburg State University   MA in English literature and creative writing, Pittsburg State University

Ms. Melissa Fite Johnson (she/her)

Digital Learning
My classes will meet on WebEx during the times listed below; students can check their email for more information!

Google Classroom is where I'll post the syllabus, unit schedules, and assignment sheets, and it's where students will turn in assignments. Here are the Google Classroom codes: 

Creative Writing: ykcxwpb
AP Literature: 6rsjigs
English 10: 3jzwfoi

Ms. Johnson's Fall 2020 Class Schedule:
1st Hour: Creative Writing 
MTuThF 8:00-8:55 a.m., W 8:00-8:47 a.m.

2nd Hour: AP Lit 
MTuThF 9:00-9:55 a.m., W 8:52-9:39 a.m.

3rd Hour: Plan

4th Hour: Creative Writing 
MTuThF 11:00-11:55 a.m., W 10:36-11:23 a.m.

5th Hour: English 10
MTuThF 12:26-1:21 p.m., W 11:54-12:41 p.m.

6th Hour: AP Lit 
MTuThF 1:26-2:21 p.m., W 12:46-1:33 p.m.

7th Hour: AP Lit
MTuThF 2:26-3:22 p.m., W 1:38-2:26 p.m.

About Me
Before I say anything else about myself, let me say this: I love teaching. I love it so much. My students crack me up literally every day, and I have really missed them during this time. Online school will be a hard adjustment for all of us, I know, but I will do my absolute best to make it as fun and meaningful as possible. 

This will be my fifteenth year of teaching. I spent the first twelve at my old high school in Pittsburg, KS, and then I started at LHS in 2018 when my husband and I decided to uproot our three dogs and move to our favorite town. He's a teacher, too, at Broken Arrow Elementary. We love it here. 

Besides teaching, I love writing (my author website is, movies (Liberty Hall is maybe my favorite place in the world), coffee shops, baseball, concerts, road trips, and going out to eat. Many of my favorite things are on pause right now, but school is not, and I'm so glad!