• Marathon Club
    The Kennedy Marathon Club is an after-school fitness program for students (kindergarten through 5th grade) who wish to walk or run weekly for health and fitness. Students participating in the Kennedy Marathon Club are going the distance to reach their ultimate goal – run, walk, or jog a total of 26.2 miles before the school year is up! This program is a great way for your child to have fun while also learning about the importance and benefits of staying fit.
    2019-2020 Marathon Club Running dates (Weather Permitting)
    Marathon Club rules:
    To make sure Kennedy Marathon Club is a safe and fun activity I will show my KENNEDY PRIDE and follow these rules:
    · I will wear appropriate footwear and clothing suited for running
    · I will come outside for club after school walking on the pathways and sit down in my designated space.
    · I will listen to Marathon Club leaders the entire time and follow directions the first time.
    · I will participate in stretching and warm-up exercises
    · I will respect the school grounds and Marathon Club materials
    · I will stay on the course the whole time
    · I will walk/jog at least one mile EVERY club and walk/jog/walk the entire time I am in Marathon club
    · I will respect my fellow club members by keeping my hands & feet to myself and give them space to run.
    · I will use kind words and I will NOT use inappropriate language
    · I will pick up my belongings and go where I’m supposed to when club dismisses.
    · Most Importantly – I will have fun and feel great getting exercise!