Ms. Cait Bubna (boob-nuh)



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Ms. Cait Bubna (boob-nuh)

Hello! I am the facilitator of art classes for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade at Southwest Middle School.

I grew up in a small farming town in Kansas with an abundance of curiosity and love of creating anything I could get my hands on. The small size allowed me to be involved in every kind of school activity and sport, as well as how to form and build relationships with many types of people. Rural areas have very little money, but despite that I had teachers that still stand out to me as adaptable, involved, and life-long learners. All of these characteristics inspired me to become a teacher myself and I hope to embody and carry with me as an educator.

When I left for college, I tried to learn all I might have missed from my high school without art classes by studying art and design at the University of Kansas for my undergraduate degree. Living in the flourishing community of Lawrence, Kansas during my undergraduate studies, as well as during my Master's in Education through Pittsburg State University, furthered my belief that art is not only a necessary part of education but of one's whole life and learning and community.

It is an honor to serve the students and work with the staff of this school!

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