Audience Participation During Board Meetings

  • *While the Board meets online for health and safety reasons, patrons who wish to comment during board meetings should email anytime prior to the Patron Commentary time on the agenda. Patrons will be provided a WebEx link to join the videoconference via phone or computer audio/camera system. 


    The USD 497 Board of Education appreciates patrons taking time to talk to the board about its policies and procedures. The board sets aside Audience Participation time during every meeting to hear from the public.


    This is the public's time to share opinions, but the board asks that patrons please avoid making comments of a personal nature about any district employee or student, including the use of personal names. The board also requests that patrons remain civil when speaking and/or listening.


    While patrons are not required to share their contact information, the board asks that they complete the sign-in sheet in some manner (initials, random numbers or letters, etc.) in order to be recognized. A patron's contact information, however, is helpful in order to follow up with any specific concerns shared. In such cases, a board member, the superintendent, or another staff member may be in touch with the patron to refer concerns to the appropriate administrator for investigation. At that time, the board encourages patrons to share as many details relative to the specific concerns as possible.


    If several patrons have the same comments to make, the board asks that they appoint one individual to state the group's collective comments.


    The board also asks that patrons limit comments to three minutes.

    The board thanks patrons for sharing their thoughts about district policies and procedures with the bo
    Board Policy BCBI