• Lawrence College & Career Center Post-Secondary Scholarship
    College courses traditionally charge tuition, fees and require a book or books to be purchased.  The Lawrence College & Career Center seeks to provide an affordable introductory or “bridge” experience for post-secondary courses for high schools students.  While many courses at the Lawrence College & Career Center are provided tuition free, it is understood that the fee cost limits access for some of our students.  In an effort to increase access, a limited number of Post-Secondary Course Scholarships are available to assist with fee payment.  To apply for a scholarship, students may complete the application on-line or print the application and return it to the Lawrence College & Career Center.
    Applications for the spring semester of 2018-19 are due by Monday, December 31st, 2018.
    To complete the application on-line click here: Lawrence College & Career Center Post-Secondary Scholarship Online App