Fine Arts Program

student artwork
  • The Lawrence Public Schools have earned a reputation for consistently providing high quality arts education opportunities to all students across the district.

    Our Fine Arts Program is designed to support arts education that encourages students to develop their:

    - Capacity to appreciate and enjoy artistic expression in diverse forms.

    - Skills for effective individual expression and successful participation in the arts.

    - Appreciation and understanding of the arts in diverse cultures.

    - Intellectual foundation for making aesthetic judgments.

    - Appreciation of the role of creativity in human achievement, and

    - Individual special talents and interests in the arts.

    All K-5 students in the Lawrence Public Schools attend both Music and Art classes once during each three-day specials rotation. Art and Music curricula are designed for sequential learning opportunities in fine arts education. Experiences in theater, creative drama, and dance are provided through grant programs, as well as through business, university, and community partnerships.

    In Grades 6-12, sequential arts education classes in two-dimensional and three-dimensional art, photography, instrumental music, vocal music, and theater and drama are provided in all middle schools and high schools. Supplemental arts experiences are provided through grant programs, as well as through business, university and community partnerships.

    For more information about the Lawrence Public Schools' Fine Arts Program please contact Dr. Jennifer Bessolo, Director of Curriculum/Fine Arts.