• The Lawrence College & Career Center is seeking professional adults who would like to make a positive difference in the lives of high school juniors and seniors as they prepare to meet the demands and expectations of life after high school.
    A mentor can assume many roles in supporting the student, acting as teacher/trainers, role models, supporter/guide, advocate or challenger. Mentors are trusted advisors who have a sincere desire to be involved with a young person, can demonstrate active listening skills, and the ability to see solutions and opportunities.
    Mentorships can be any length of time as long as the learning goals are achieved.  Goals are identified by the student and expectations for both the mentee and the mentor are agreed upon through a formal agreement, facilitated by Lawrence College & Career Center Staff.
    If you would like to become a mentor, please complete the form below.  Students will begin contacting mentors via email on February.

    • Be a positive role model in your position or area
    • Communicate efficiently and effectively
    • Encourage and motivate
    • Be well-respected
    • Make time commitment to the mentorship program
    • Possess the knowledge and influence needed to be a mentor
    • Share knowledge from the workforce and area of expertise
    • Treat students as professionals



Students with Mentors

    High school juniors and seniors who attend the Lawrence College & Career Center will develop education, daily life and/or career goals.  In partnership with instructors, action plans are developed that include how an adult professional mentor might assist the student in meeting identified goals.  The mentor may have one or many roles as determined by the mentee’s needs or interests.  They may provide learning opportunities, help the mentee access community resources and/or encourage the mentee to maximize his/her potential.  Students will identify potential mentors and send communication requesting a mentors involvement.  If the potential mentor accepts the request, a formal agreement will be sent and a face-to-face meeting will be scheduled between the mentor and mentee.  At this time the mentor and mentee, with support from the instructor, will determine the expectations for the relationship.  For a more detailed description, see our Lawrence College & Career Center Mentorship Program How It Works Flyer.


    How much time is required?

    Mentorships can be any length of time as long as the learning goals are achieved.  As much time or as little time as you are able to give is appreciated.  A minimum of one email correspondence each week is the guideline for time commitment for in-classroom experiences.  Professional work experiences at a job site do require a larger time commitment.

    What types of mentoring will I be providing?

    This will vary depending on the student’s learning goals.  Examples include:

    • Teacher/trainer—Providing learning opportunities and offering your experience as a guide
    • Positive role model—Demonstrating exemplary behavior and offering values that will increase chances for success and happiness  
    • Social supporter/guide—Providing encouragement to the mentee as he or she embarks on new experiences (college application or job search)
    • Resource supporter/advocate—Speaking and acting on behalf of the mentee and helping the mentee access community resources  
    • Challenger— Encouraging the mentee to maximize his/her potential

    The roles you play at any given time are determined by the mentee’s needs, desires, and interest.