• Safe Routes to Schools at LMCMS is a committee of staff, students, and community members working to make our neighborhood and community a safer place to walk and bike.  
    • Students who walk or bike to school are healthier.
    • Research has shown exercise before school helps children arrive focused and ready to learn.
    • Students who walk and bike frequently when they are young are more likely to continue these activities into adulthood.
    • When walking or biking, parents and children get an opportunity to bond and appreciate things they don’t notice while driving — listening to the sounds of the neighborhood, seeing friends and neighbors and feeling connected with their community.
    • Fewer cars on the road means less traffic and congestion and cleaner air.
    Let's reverse the trend
    • In 1969, about 50 percent of children in the U.S. walked or biked to school. Today, less than 15 percent do.
    • In Lawrence, only 14 percent of Lawrence students walk or bike to school; yet, 50 percent of them live within a mile from school.
    Consider joining the walk to school committee at LMCMS!  Contact Laura Leonard, LMCMS Parent Involvement Facilitator, for more information!