Make a Difference

  • The Lawrence College & Career Center and Career Pathways rely on business and industry professionals to advise mentor and support students who have an interest in building career and technical skills.

  • What does it look like?


    The Lawrence College & Career Center and Career Pathways are seeking business and industry members to mentor students who are working on real-world projects in a specific career area.  Mentors are asked to meet with students once a week to discuss the project, provide technical support and advise on client relationships.

    Lawrence Public Schools teachers do provide support for mentors and students.  A mentor application is required.


    Professional Skills, also known as soft skills, are critical to success in careers and in college.  The Lawrence College & Career Center seeks business and industry representatives who assist with instruction in these valuable skills, such as communications, problem-solving, critical thinking, planning, responsibility, flexibility, teamwork, and leadership.

    Volunteers will work with the Lawrence College & Career Center teachers to develop lessons.



    Each Career Pathway in the Lawrence Public Schools has an advisory committee of business and industry members who advise instructors on the curriculum and other aspects of the industry.  Each advisory committee meets at least twice a year for one hour, usually over the lunch hour.  Career Pathways include:

    · Agriculture Science

    · Architecture and Construction

    · A/V Communication

    · Automotive Service Technology

    · Biochemistry and Environmental Science

    · Business, Entrepreneurship, and Management

    · Culinary Arts

    · Education and Training

    · Engineering and Applied Mathematics

    · Family and Community Services

    · Finance

    · Health Care

    · Information Technology - Support Services

    · Information Technology - Networking

    · Information Technology - Computer Programming

    · Law and Government

    · Manufacturing Production

    · Marketing

    · Restaurant and Event Management

    · Visual Arts

    · Web and Digital Communications