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  • Yearbook
     Order Your Yearbook
    Reserve your student’s copy of the LVS 6-12 Yearbook, TODAY by going to www.yearbookordercenter.com.
    Use our school code (19628) to order.  Our LVS full-color yearbook is only $25!  

    This year, in addition to your copy of the LVS Yearbook, you will receive the plus one app with your purchase. The plus one app allows you to  access to your yearbook digitally.

    Watch this video. 

    • Purchase your copy of this year’s  Kindergarten through-12 Grade LVS Yearbook today

    Attention all LVS Families:

    Reserve your student’s copy TODAY by going to www.yearbookordercenter.com and using our school code (19628) to order your yearbook online with credit card or echeck. 

    You must enter your name when it asks for business name and then submit it. It will add you to our school list and then you can place your order. Or, call the order center and arrange to pay by check. 1-866-287-3096. (Open M-F 8am – 5 pm central time)

    Our FULL COLOR Yearbook is only $25.00 ($22 if ordered by January, 6 2018, so order today!)

    DEADLINE TO ORDER YEARBOOKS_- MARCH 31 2018 Yearbooks must be preordered. We send them out to you in May


    • Send us your photos,Staff, Parents and students go to www.hjeshare.com and enter the school code 3067541

    students-check with parents before submitting photos- Due no later than March 17- (seniors try for Jan 31) the earlier the better.

    We are working on pages now. Going to an event? Please take photos and share them with us.

    We need K-12 Photos and survey responses- we add content from the survey to the yearbook – tell us about you, your students …

HS Staff photo
  • LVS Logo

     Important Academic Dates

    Please make a note of the following important dates.  Most are days when LVS will not be in session, but some are dates for assemblies or final exams.  Mark them on your calendar.

    The days are as follows (check your CC schedule for links for electives sessions and  assemblies):

    February 2nd-Staff Professional Development-NO SCHOOL

    Upcoming Events- join the LVS HS students and staff for some great events, both online and in person!

    See the site calendar and Monday Mail for details.

    Field Trip: Family Fun at Epic
    When: Friday, January 19th
    Time: 1-3 pm
    Where: Epic Family Fun, 711 W. 23th St, Lawrence, KS
    Cost: FREE