Week of January 11, 2021


    • This week is the week between our semesters so the scheudle is a little different. Make sure you are checking emails and landing pages in all of your courses.

    • All course work and first semester i-Ready lessons are due by midnight on Monday January 11. Nothing will be accepted after that point.

    • January 12 - 15 you will be working on your DCA's and taking the i-Ready Reading and Math diagnostic tests. There will be no course work to complete during that time. You can also complete your Counselor Lessons in Advisory. There was also an optional Choice Board emailed out to you - feel free to work on any of those great activities.

    • The second semester begins on Tuesday January 19.

    • Links to Clubs are on your Google Calendar in Advisory.


    Happy 2021





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  • The Middle School Staff  


    LVS Middle School Team  

    English 6  Becky O'Keefe   
    English 7  Amanda Gorman    
    English 8  Kathy Robinson
    Science 6  Jenna Stecher    
    Science 7  Jenna Stecher       
    Science 8  Shannon Collins
    World History  Sara Westerhaus 
    Introduction to Geography  Kim Hett
    Kansas History  Kim Hett
    American History  Kim Hett
    Math 6  Allison Miller
    Math 7  Beth Brubeck
    Pre-Algebra  Carolie Ediger
    Math 6-8 and English 6-8 Tara Zelvy
    Resource Julie Lange
    Resource  John Gorman
    Resource  Nancy Jackson
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    See your Advisory course for more information.

    The links to get to these clubs are listed on your Google calendar in your Advisory course.


     Monday January 11
    Middle School Parent / Counselor Session - This has been posponed

    Tuesday January 12
    12:30PM Science Live Demo

    Wednesday January 13
    12:30PM Science Live Demo

    Thursday January 14
    12:30PM Zoom with a Scientist!
    2:30PM Disney Club

    Friday January 15
    11:00AM Hall Talk
    11:00AM Marathon Club
    11:30AM GSA
    NOON Book Share
    1:00PM Pinterest Arts and Crafts Club


    Check Monday Mail for more fun events and important information!