• Greetings from New York Elementary

    New York Elementary is the smallest elementary school in Lawrence, which allows us to have a family feeling in our building.  Each morning, parents and their children enter our front doors and are greeted by staff that knows them and can call them by name.  Parents can walk their child to their classroom or down to the cafeteria and sit with them while they eat breakfast.   I enjoy this part of the day so much, I often say all we need is a coffee pot and some chairs and we all would linger and visit longer.  


    Creating that family feeling continues through out the day.   It isn’t uncommon for siblings to see each other in the hall, at lunch or on the playground.   Students enjoy getting to know kids from different grades levels.   Our 5th graders are often called upon to help a younger student with sight words or assist them with finding a coat or lost backpack.


    As a 2012 Governor’s Award winning school, we take pride in our academic accomplishments.   Children learn to persevere when things get difficult because they know a classmate or teacher is ready to provide support to them.   We help each child believe that they are able to learn and as a community support each other in that learning.  


    An old song called New York New York has the line “If you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere, it’s up to you, New York, New York."  We strive to give the students the will and skills to make it anywhere they want to go.   It is up to all of us to make sure that happens.


    I hope you can come visit New York Elementary and meet our family. 


    Nancy DeGarmo, Principal
    Mission Statement
    The Mission of New York Elementary is to provide a caring, friendly, safe place where students develop the skills and knowledge that will provide the foundation for the rest of their lives.
    Purpose Statement
    The New York Elementary School Community will work collaboratively, show respect for each other and focus on developing programs that support academic, behavioral and social needs of the students.