Outstanding Citizen & Service Awards

  • Outstanding Citizen Award
    Lawrence Public Schools annually recognize community members for outstanding leadership and service to public education with the Outstanding Citizen Award.

    2019-20 Norine Spears, Educate Lawrence
    2018-19 Lois Orth-Lopes
    2017-18 Gail Vick, Lawrence Schools Foundation
    2016-17 Cindy Maude, Chris Marshall, Ben Smith & Brett Terp of Callahan Creek, Confabularryum
    2015-16 Martin Moore, Lawrence Schools Foundation
    2014-15 Jerry Jost, Educate Lawrence

    2013-14 Paul Davis & Sandy Praeger, Citizens Committee
    2012-13 Doug Gaston, Judy Keller & Mark Edwards, LHS Building on Traditions Committee
    2011-12 Pete Curran & Kathy Davis
    2010-11 Dr. Willie Amison, Craig Butler, Ed Brunt & Bud Stallworth, Can We Talk Program
    2009-10 Ginger Wehner, Truity Credit Union
    2008-09 Charles Anthony Silvestri
    2007-08 Susan Krumm & Janelle Martin
    2006-07 Steve Glass & David Livingood, Lawrence Schools Foundation/LEAP
    2005-06 Alice Fowler, Marty & Patty Kennedy & Erv Hodges, Citizens Committee
    2004-05 Rev. Leo Barbee
    2003-04 Chuck Warner & Judy Wright, Citizens Committee
    2002-03 Cindy Yulich
    2001-02 Scott Stockwell, LEAP
    2000-01 Jacqueline Davis, Adventures in Imagination
    1999-00 John Tacha, Lawrence Schools Foundation
    1998-99 John Elmore, Lawrence Schools Foundation
    1997-98 Charles Becker
    1996-97 Gary Toebben, Chamber of Commerce/LEAP
    1995-96 Hunter Cole
    1994-95 Robert Johnson
    1993-94 Dr. William Bayouth
    1992-93 Mary Lou Wright
    1991-92 Donald Gardner
    1990-91 Edwyna Gilbert
    1989-90 Nona Tollefson
    1988-89 Hank Booth, Lawrence Schools Foundation/LEAP

    Outstanding Service to Public Education Award
    In 2003, upon the retirement of Mary Loveland from serving 20 years on the school board, the district created an award to recognize community members who excel in their uncommon dedication and commitment to public education.

    2020 Wayne Zachary, First Student
    2019 Derek Kwan, Lied Center of Kansas
    2018 Dr. Kathleen Lane, University of Kansas 
    2017 "The Bobs" - Lawrence Schools Foundation Donors to the annual $10,000 Special Award for Teaching Excellence or The Bobs Award
    2007 Austin Turney, Longtime school board member
    2004 Mike Maddux, Lawrence Schools Foundation
    2003 Mary Loveland, Longtime school board member