South Middle School

South Middle School

South Track 

 BEFORE you can officially participate you must have these items turned into the office:
  • Proof of insurance form
  • Physical
  • Code of Conduct
  • Concussion Form

Attendance      You are expected to be at practice on-time EVERY DAY.  PRACTICE GOES UNTIL 5:00

·       Please have rides ready between 5:00 & 5:15.

If you are going to miss or be late, WE MUST HAVE A NOTE BEFORE
If you are home sick, have a parent e-mail or call   or (785) 330-2638       (boys) or (785) 330-2682              (girls) 
If you are unexcused for practice, you will miss a track meet.


  • T-Shirt (with sleeves)          
  • Shorts (students supply)
  • Shoes to run in (students supply)
  • South Track Sweats (School will supply)


EVERYDAY you should have shirt, shorts, shoes, & SWEATS!


Wednesday     Wednesday practice is at the same time as every other day (3:30-5:00).    
Students will be able to leave and come back OR they will have an study hall. If students stay at South, they are expected to be in the study hall.

F Policy           
If you have an F. You will NOT be released to go to the meets.
Academics take priority over athletics

Expectations   Listen to Coaching & have a positive attitude

Responsibility            TRACK IS A PRIVILEGE! Represent yourself, your team, & your school well. Do what is right, even if no one is watching.