As parents of a West Middle School Warhawk you will have many opportunities to show continued support of your child's educational experience.

    Parents of West Warhawks (POWW) is similar to a PTA or PTO but with less formality. One of the many ways you can continue to be involved with your child's education success is by providing parent participation and support to our school. These opportunities occur in a wide variety of ways such as chaperoning the dance/activity nights, assisting with the book fair, providing conference meals for the teachers, organizing fun raisers, sponsoring and staffing the carnival, providing food when needed and volunteering for the numerous other activities we have.

    Your involvement in these activities is important and very much appreciated. Without your help we would not be able to provide such great activities for the student at WMS.

    We will send out regular notices of events and POWW information as it becomes available. This information will be sent out by email and will also be available on the school website.  Should you have any questions feel free to contact me at camershon@aol.com or leave a message for me in the POWW mailbox in the office at the school.


    Carrie Mershon, POWW