Promoting Successful Learning Environments

  • elementary student collects Positive Action tickets

    Lawrence elementary schools implemented the Positive Action social skills curriculum at the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year.  The program promotes a safe and welcoming school environment by teaching students how to interact positively with peers, teachers and adults and creating a building culture committed to academic and behavior success.

    The Positive Action program features prepared lessons organized in a kit. They include posters, games, worksheets, songs and puzzles. The program has a curriculum for each grade level.  The classroom teacher or counselor teaches the curriculum and gives students an opportunity to practice the skills throughout the school day or week.

    The Positive Action Program is based on the intuitive philosophy that when students feel good about themselves they act in a positive manner.  The Thoughts-Actions-Feelings Circle (TAF) illustrates how this works: thoughts lead to actions and those actions lead to feelings, which in turn lead to more thoughts.  When this cycle is positive, students want to learn.  When this cycle is negative, students do not want to learn.  The essence of the program emphasizes those actions that promote a healthy and positive cycle.

    Each school integrates the Positive Action program with its student reward system. When school staff see students demonstrating positive behaviors, such as respecting self, respecting others or respecting property, staff recognize the students for exhibiting these positive actions through a reinforcement system. One example might be a ticket system, in which students have the opportunity to exchange the tickets they earn for a variety of rewards.

    Ask your child, your child’s teacher or your school principal about Positive Action. Learn more about Positive Action at