NO SCHOOL—Winter Break

    Monday, Dec. 24, 2018– Jan. 8, 2019

    School will resume on Thursday, January  9, 2019


    Traveling in December & January

    We understand many of our families travel long distances for winter break.  Please notify the school office in advance if you child will be missing school before or after the winter break due to your travel plans.  These absences will be excused if the office is notified in advance and Ms. Becker gives approval. If you would like to gather work, teachers must have 2-3 days notice.  If you will be gone more than a week, teachers will not be able to gather work for the entire time. Some work may need to be made up upon your return.

    Our winter break this year is over two weeks long, so we would hope most travel can take place during that time. Winter break will run from Monday, Dec. 24,– Tuesday, January 9th. Classes will resume on Wednesday, January 9th.






    Morning Arrival

    • Students may enter the school at 8:35am.  For students eating breakfast, they may enter at 8:15am.  If you need to drop off your child prior to 8:35am, we offer a morning program through Boys and Girls Club.  Please contact B&GC for details.  
    • Classroom doors will remain closed prior to 8:35am.  Teachers are busy each morning preparing for the day’s work, please respect this time by leaving the door closed.  If you need to talk with a teacher, please don’t hesitate to contact the teacher to arrange a time to meet in the morning prior to the school day starting. 
    • At 8:35am, students are to proceed to their classrooms.
    • AFTER 8:45am, students are to proceed to the office to receive a tardy slip.  Students can then proceed to their classroom. 


    After-School Pick-up

    • School is dismissed at 3:50pm, except on Wednesdays.  Wednesday's dismissal time is 2:20pm.
    • By car - Parents may pick up their child(ren) by following the car line on the Hilltop side on school.
    • By walking - Parents may wait in the hallways outside your students classroom or at the front entrance.
    • Bus students will be released at 3:47 and all others at the 3:50 final bell. If you need your child(ren) earlier than 3:50pm, you will need to go to the office to check them out.