Morning Arrival

    • Students who are not in BGC MUST NOT arrive to school before 8:15am. Students who need breakfast should plan to enter the North playground doors at 8:15am and go to the cafiteria. Others who do not need breakfast must remain on the playground until 8:35am. 
    • Classroom doors will remain closed prior to 8:35am.  Teachers are busy each morning preparing for the day’s work, please respect this time by leaving the door closed.  If you need to talk with a teacher, please don’t hesitate to contact the teacher to arrange a time to meet in the morning prior to the school day starting. 
    • At 8:35am, students are to proceed to their classrooms.
    • AFTER 8:45am, students are to proceed to the office to receive a tardy slip.  Students can then proceed to their classroom. 


    After-School Pick-up

    • School is dismissed at 3:50pm, except on Wednesdays.  Wednesday's dismissal time is 2:20pm.
    • By car - Parents may pick up their child(ren) by following the car line on the Hilltop side on school.
    • By walking - Parents may wait in the hallways outside your students classroom or at the front entrance.
    • Bus students will be released at 3:47 and all others at the 3:50 final bell. If you need your child(ren) earlier than 3:50pm, you will need to go to the office to check them out.