Student Transportation

  • school bus The state of Kansas provides student transportation funding for students living more than 2.5 miles from school by the usually traveled road from the residence of the pupil. State-reimbursed transportation is the only busing provided by First Student for students of the Lawrence Public Schools.
    Eligible families may enroll in the student transportation program through First Student, 1548 E. 23rd Street, Suite C, during business hours: Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Enrollment forms may be faxed to 785/841-4388.

    Please contact First Student with questions about student transportation: 785/841-3594, or
    COVID-19 Procedures
    • Buses are cleaned and disinfected regularly, including between routes.
    • Drivers will wear a mask when students embark and disembark the bus, but not while driving, per regulations.
    • The seat directly behind the driver will remain unoccupied at all times.
    • Riders will load buses from back to front.
    • Riders not living in the same household should not sit together.
    • Riders will be assigned seats, one per seat, for the entire school year.
    • Passengers should wear masks unless a mask exemption form is on file with the school.
    • Roof hatches and some windows will be opened, when possible, for ventilation.

    student riding bus