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    Following voter approval on April 2, 2013, of a $92.5 million school bond issue to improve facilities, enhance technology and expand career and technical educational opportunities, the Lawrence Board of Education has transitioned from bond planning to implementation.  Click the following link for more information: School Bond Progress Updates
    Cordley has formed a working committee to work along side the architectural firm, Gould Evans, regarding the renovation of Cordley.  The committee members are:
    Scott Cinnamon, Principal
    Kylee Rhoades, Admin. Assistant
    John Harrod, Custodian
    Kim Burke, 5th grade teacher
    Rochele Bateman, Kindergarten teacher
    Joyce Bell, LIbrary Media Specialist
    Dani Lotton-Barker, Site Council President/Parent
    Joe Comparato, Parent
    Emily Mulligan, Parent

    The committee met frequently during the 13-14 school year to discuss the new design for Cordley.  After discussion and input from the community and faculty, GouldEvans designed an exciting new plan for Cordley.  We hope you are excited about the new design!

    Take a look at the improvement plans for Cordley!