Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, and School Support

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    Lawrence Public School's curriculum and instruction is designed to challenge all learners and sets high standards for achievement.  Our promise-— " To ensure that students of all races, backgrounds, and abilities achieve at high levelsdemonstrate proficiency in reading by the third grade and in math by the eighth grade, and graduate on time prepared for success in college and careers" — is a compelling charge. To fulfill that mission we must ensure that all teachers have the knowledge and skill to teach the current and future student population, who will be living and working in a global economy. That calls for instruction that is focused on preparing students for today and beyond. As a district, we are committed to giving all teachers the tools they need to work effectively with every student so that each child can reach his/her potential.
    In addition to core curricular areas – language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, world language, fine arts and career and technical education – our curriculum provides programs and support for those with disabilities, Gifted students, ESL/bilingual students and alternative programs for credit recovery and GED completion.
    Curriculum standards serve as a guide, defining what we expect all students to know and be able to do at each grade level. Academic achievement for EVERY student is our core mission. 
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    Dr. Anna Stubblefield

    Deputy Superintendent

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    Dr. Jennifer Bessolo

    Director, Curriculum

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    Denise L. Johnson

    Assistant Director, Fine Ars, Health & Wellness

    785.832.5000 x2371


    Darcy Kaus

    Director, Elementary Schools

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    Shaun Hanson

    Assistant Director, Instructional Technology & Curriculum

    785.832.5000 x4814



    Rick Henry

    Director, Secondary Schools

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    Ron May

    Director, Safety, Security, Administration

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    Leah Wisdom

    Director, Equity, Instruction and Student Services

    785.832.5000 x4743