The purpose of the school site council is to advise the school on such matters as student learning, education programs, school improvement planning, and accreditation issues.  The site council also plays an advocacy role for the school regarding the same issues.  Specifically, the purpose is to:

     *Provide advice and counsel to the school in developing, implementing, and evaluating school performance goals and objectives, and

    *Provide ongoing support for the students and staff of the school. 

    In addition to the above two purposes, school site councils may:

    *Make recommendations regarding budgetary matters for efficient and effective administrative and management functions, and

    *Assist school boards to analyze the unique environment of schools, enhance the efficiency and maximize limited resources

    Please see the calendar for upcoming meeting dates.  

    2018-2019 Members:

    Brooke Zeyer

    Josh Spradlin
    Amy Brown

    Louis Antoine, Sr

    Benjamin Sikes

    Zachary Hamlin

    Jenny Skillman

    Erica Segraves

    Neal Barbour