• Billy Mills Middle School - Home of the Cougars!!



    Billy Mills' colors are Black and Gold.  The Black is from the Red and Black school colors of Lawrence High school, and the Gold stems from the Purple and Gold of Haskell Indian Nations University.  Billy Mills Middle School, Broken Arrow Elementary, and Broken Arrow Park are all on land that was once part of Haskell.  The land was given by the Department of the Interior to the Lawrence School District and to the City of Lawrence.



    The Cougar, through its many variations over the decades, has always been the mascot for Billy Mills (formerly South Junior High School).  Cougars, also referred to: Puma, Catamount, Mountain Lion, or Panther, are native to this area, although in recent years sightings have been sparse.  The Cougar represents many things to different people, but here at Billy Mills, we connect with its strength, agility, adaptability, and grace, among other virtues.