What is the Purpose of Site Council at Broken Arrow? 

    The purpose of the school Site Council is to advise the school on such matters as student learning, education programs and school improvement planning. The site council also plays an advocacy role for the school regarding the same issues.


    What are the Responsibilities of Site Council Members?

    1. The chair, in consultation with the building principal or his or her designee(s), establishes agendas, conducts meetings, and communicates site council advisement.

    2. Site council members participate in sanctioned school improvement meetings and visits in an advisory capacity.

    3. Site council members periodically communicate with the school community and, at least annually with the local board, on site council activities and other council matters.


    Who Can Serve on the Site Council?


    The site council consists of a variety of members that include the principal, teachers, other school personnel, parents of students attending the school, the business community and other community groups.

     If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Amanda Green for more information. 


    What is the Time Commitment for Site Council Members?

    The Broken Arrow Site Council meets four times a year, for approximately one hour. These meetings are scheduled this year for September 29, December 8, February 23, May 16

    Current Broken Arrow Site Council Members:

    Principal: Amanda Green

    Certified Staff Member: Christy Hunt

    Classified Staff Member: 

    Parent: Tim Evans

    Parent: Kiley Phelps

    Parent: Kaelyn McCall

    Parent: Angie West

    Community Member:


    Who Do I Contact For More Information?

    Amanda Green amanda.green@usd497.org (785) 330-2171

    Where can I find the Site Council's Agendas and meeting notes?

    CLICK HERE to access the agendas and meeting notes. (the link will be updated by Sept. 26th)