Degrees and Certifications:

Miss Hana Blair

Hello! I'm a school psychologist intern hitting the ground running this year. It is my hope to assist all students in having an equitable and holistic schooling experience by enhancing special education, addressing social/emotional issues, and creating prevention-focused interventions. I have graduated from KU with a B.A. in psychology and applied behavioral science. At Emporia State University I have earned a Masters's degree in school psychology. Upon completing this internship I'll have an Educational Specialist degree. In my free time, I enjoy making music, writing, and being a complete nerd with my partner who I love very much. We have a cat who is very spicy and a dog who doesn't know what personal space is (snugs all the time please?). Together we form a dorky crew (it's great).
Please contact me if you require any assistance with the special education process, if you need any council for addressing behavioral issues, or if you have any questions regarding mental health!