• Testimonials

    Read what other Lawrence Virtual School families have to say about their experience with our online school.
    “When we weighed homeschooling vs. public schools, I felt like LVS was the best of both worlds. 
    We have the flexibility of schooling at home AND the support and guidance from an actual teacher who helps us out along the way. ”
    ~Chrissy Bandel, LVS Parent

    “We chose LVS for many reasons.  We wanted to spend more time with our kids and love the flexibility that LVS gives. 
    We like the curriculum and feel that it is really challenging and is fun too.”
    ~Jodi Berkland, LVS Parent

    “It works with our schedule, and it is very flexible,” Melinda said. “A lot of the virtual schools don’t have special education students,
    and LVS fully supports Micah and all of his curriculum needs. They provide all of the curriculum and the lesson plans so that’s a huge burden off of me.
    ~Melinda Bingham, LVS Parent
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    "I'm very grateful and blessed with the school, there is not better curriculum than what LVS has. Thank you to all of you for keeping this alive, so our children have the best.
    My son loves the school and enjoy it a lot; he is a brand new creature."
    ~Yarima Dominguez-Alvarez, LVS Parent

    "I believe my child would have been lost in the system if not for the opportunity to home school her.
    Not only home school her, but doing so with this system, with this school, and most certainly, with OUR teacher!"
    ~Melissa Vollenweider, LVS Parent

    "Our family is so thankful that we have the option of homeschooling our children through Lawrence Virtual School.  As a family, we love to travel,and are involved in many extra-curricular activities, and by homeschooling we have the flexibility to pursue those activities without falling behind in our studies. We can work our school schedule to fit our home life schedule.  We are grateful for the teachers and staff who are so supportive and are helping us meet our goals."
    ~The Kolin/Daugherty Family