• Enrollment
    Q.  How is the Lawrence Virtual School different from traditional home schooling?
    A.  Lawrence Virtual School (LVS) is part of the Lawrence Public School District USD 497, and students are registered as students in the district.  Thus, we follow the expectations of Lawrence Public Schools.  Students are public school students who work at home with a teaching adult (or overseeing adult for high school students).  Lessons and materials are provided from LVS that meet or exceed the State Standards for each grade level.  Students participate in Kansas state assessments.
    Q.  How much does this cost?
    A. Lawrence Virtual School does not have a tuition fee; however, there is a $97 materials and technology fee assessed yearly for each student as decided by the USD 497 Board of Education.
    Q.  When can I enroll my student?  Can we start anytime during the school year?
    A.  Lawrence Virtual School has an open enrollment period for the following school year beginning early spring.
    Q.  Do you enroll special education students?
    A.  Yes, our school does accept special education students, both for special needs and gifted education.  However, there are a few differences in enrollment expectations.
    As part of the enrollment process and required paperwork, parents MUST provide a current IEP (Individualized Education Plan) and the most recent comprehensive evaluation report.
    Please note that virtual education is an ideal option for many special education and gifted students.  However, no educational placement is perfect for every student.  Given this, the LVS Administration and the special education staff reserve the option to review each prospective student’s enrollment information before formally granting placement in a virtual education setting.

    Is LVS placement appropriate for your student?
    The following are some of the factors that may be relevant in an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) team’s determination of whether the web-based or online program is appropriate to provide a free and appropriate public education (FAPE), with or without the provision of appropriate and individualized accommodations, modifications, aids, and/or services:

    • Non-medical attendance problems or school avoidance
    • Ability to remain on task with minimum prompts
    • Social skills deficits requiring live interaction with other students
    • Need for significant one-to-one instruction
    • Need for life-skills instruction
    • Ability to work independently
    • Self-motivation skills
    • Previous performance in virtual programs
    • Ability and willingness of parents to play expected role
    • Need for alternate schedule
    • Compliance problems
    • Emotional problems
    • Academic ability
    • Ability to work with technology (with training and support)

     Although the above listing represents some key relevant factors, others may also apply.

    Q.  Can I take band/orchestra/drama at my local school? Can my student participate in sports?
    A.  Students have the opportunity to participate in elective courses and sports in their local district, being enrolled as a dual-enrolled student.  However, it is up to the local school/district and LVS to approve of this dual-enrollment arrangement.  Students have this dual enrollment option if approved by LVS.
    Districts also have the option to approve middle school and high students participating in their sports program.  Students may only compete on the teams of their neighborhood school.  Just like dual-enrolling in classes in the local school, families will need to communicate with local administration to determine if they approve participation and meet expectations.
Last Modified on February 5, 2020